Random babble
POSTED ON 02/08/2016 AT 02:57 \\
Hi guys.

It has been awhile since my last blog's update. Right now, I am on my 3 months semester break and only have another 2 weeks left. :'( If you ask me, am i enjoying my holidays? Umm not sure, but some of it were enjoyable! I went to Perhentian island on the second week of Syawal (Raya kan sebulan >,<) with my course fellows and with my high school's classmate. It was fun there having a beautiful and breath-taking scenery in front of your eyes. but the tanned part wasn't fun at all!

About my raya experience, only managed to get 150myr duit raya from my aunts and uncles and also my dad's friends. Not much 'experiences' tho cus i don't really go anywhere during raya, just only went to my friends' house.

Oh btw, i think i want to share with you guys about this girl. She's my childhood pen-pal. I mean, I know her since 2007. At that time, she stayed in terengganu, at her uncle's place. Her uncle was my father's friend. So, one day i met her, and she was nice. On that day, she asked for my home address. She said, she really loves writing letters so she wished to write me some letters when she went back to Brunei (btw she's a brunei-an)

So, months after that (maybe 2 months after our last meeting) she sent me a letter. I remembered, the colour of the envelope was pink! and she used a very fancy paper tho :D She was my first pen-pal tho. I had a few back then but most of the were from my primary school's bestfriends, also from my cousin, and my neighbours. Oh, i forgot to mention her name. Her name is Nadya. She's a year older than me.

There are about 11 letters i received and replied to her. The last time we changed letters was in year 2010. After that, there was no words from her. But! Recently, i got an email from anonymous. I replied and asked the name of the sender and it was her!!! I got really excited tho! I asked her where on earth did she got my email address. She said, she was randomly typed it. Not randomly la, she was trying to reach me after so long. Yea my email is so simple as abc lmao. So we had a very nice, long conversation. I even asked if she has any soc-med accounts (FB, twitter, instagram etc). She said no but she had once before, and it seems she deactivated it because she had been hacked for few times. so right now she doesn't has any.

Nadya said, she lived in Kyoto, Japan right now. And she's taking medicine at Nara Medical University. I asked her, how she took the course when it's hard to enter the medical school in japan when you aren't even the citizen of that country, She said, her family moved there since 2010 so she managed to enter the high school, thats why. I really want to ask her so many things but seems she's busy with her campus life. So, maybe next time?